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Thread: tar.gz files?

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    tar.gz files?

    Ok......time to show just how much of a linux newbie I am-

    Just recently partitioned and installed Red Hat running the KDE desktop. I have absolutley no idea about shell prompts or anything like that, as your about to find out! Please be patient with me...
    My question concerns tar.gz files. I have a CD with the new Netscape browser for Linux in the form of a tar.gz file. After the CD mounts I can navigate my way to this file using file manager. I than double click it and it "unzips" showing the install file (netscape-installer). Now Im stumped. If I double click this file I get a message saying "Warning-No action taken".
    I can hear you all laughing now but like I said, Im just a Linux newbie. I assume it's something very basic but it's driving me crazy!

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    If the tarball has also been gzipped (compressed), you can use the following command:

    tar -xvfz something.tar.gz

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    tar -xvzf netscape-4.9.0.tar.gz
    cd netscape-4.9.0
    make install

    This is how you usually install apps, might be a slight variation on this - i've never installed netscape.

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    I don't know exactly what you are looking at now, but,

    open a shell, browse to the directory on the CD with your file.
    copy the gzip'ed file off the cd onto your hard drive(wherever you usually store data).

    cp myfile.tar.gz /home/myusername

    or something...

    then type

    gzip -dv myfile.tar.gz

    and you should end up with


    then type tar -xvf myfile.tar

    (you can do with out the v(verbose) but I like watching all the filenames scroll by.

    You can also | the two commands together, but I always screw it up somehow.

    now you should have a new directory in /home/myusername named myfile(or netscape-6.2 or whatever)

    now you should be able to run through the install process, you will probably need to take 3 steps.
    There should be a readme in the unzipped directory, but it may look something like this.

    from the new directory where your tar file created type

    and finally

    ./make install

    or maybe just


    you may or may not need root priveledges when you do this(Im not much past a linux newbie myself, although I have managed several times to install different distros, and to install many different apps to each. most of them went something like this)

    Good luck,


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    doh 2 people responded in the time it took me to write that....

    You can also find a lot of basic guides to completeing other tasks at....

    They are usually pretty good, although you will have to do a fair bit of improvising sometimes..

    Keep at it, and have fun...


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    Red face

    Thanks for all your help. I'll give it another try and see how I go. Thanks for your patience..

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