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Thread: Windows XP

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    Lightbulb Windows XP

    Does anibody now where I can get Windows XP ? in a HTTP adress or FTP...

    To WHO IS USING IT: Is it good? Dosent it crash like Windows Me -> its my op. system... its constantly BLUE SCREENS...

    Im thinking in changing.. Should i do it..?

    Thanks ppl..

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    I'm not sure where you can get it online; I know it's available @Wally World for $99. I like XP. We use it at school as well as Windoze 2k. XP seems to be alot more stable than Me (anything I believe is more stable than Me, I use it too.) I would recommend the upgrade. I am learning (complete newbie) to use Mandrake Linux 8.1. I would like to eventually move away from Windows (at least at home). Hope you find this informative.
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    I would not recommend getting XP. I had the the misfortune of beta testing it, and had a problem with it blue screening whenever I used my scanner. It also had a problem with rebooting spontaneously. Add on to that my typical rant about the relocation of the administrative tools, the ridiculous regristration process for home edition, and the general lack of privacy, and you have a first-class poster child for Linux. That's what persuaded me to learn Linux.

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    don't forget the minimum 128MB RAM requirement for even running it, let alone any other programs over!

    W98se works fine for me
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    Oh yes, I forgot all about the outlandish system requirements so it has enough to waste with all the bells and whistles you will never need or use, and probably never imagined would be needed or used by anybody. If I want the feature or package, I will get it, but I don't appreciate Microsoft forcing it on me so it can destroy my machine's performance. Like I said before, Windows XP is the disease, and Linux is the cure.

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    As far as XP goes for a windows product it's O.K. It's better than the other trash Gates and the gang @ redmond have been releasing. It's a give and take with windoze. Gates takes all he can. As far as stability xp is more stable than the other flavors. This fellow may not be as fortunate as us and have the time to learn a completely new OS. Help me out here; I'm a newbie. I thought 256megs of ram was good to maximize high end processor performance. How does windows destroy a machines performance?
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    It doesn't.. stflook just doesn't like microsoft

    seriously though, if you run XP on the minimum requirements then its not gonna run the greatest..... you should take the recommended specs to be the minimum in most situations...

    but I know that I've got XP running on a PII 350 with 128MB of ram and its not going too shabby at all...... hasn't crashed yet....
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    I'm running XP for about a month and had no problem with it.
    No crash, blue screens, nothing. You should check ( as said before) the system requirements and the compability list ( I think almost all hardware should run, but you might need the updated drivers for XP).

    As to removing WinME I agree absolutely! WinME is like The Best Of Microsoft (All the bugs included) . I think it's the worst OS out there in the market, but that could be just me...

    Never seen a single box with ME who isn't giving problems.

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    Originally posted by Stflook
    I had the the misfortune of beta testing it, and had a problem with it blue screening whenever I used my scanner.
    That's why it was a beta, Stflook. You can't expect your scanner manufacturer to write a decent driver for your scanner when all they got is a beta to focus on...
    My scanner is so old that there's no XP-driver for it. If I want to scan something, I just use the Wizard Compatibility and use the WinME-driver.

    the ridiculous regristration process for home edition
    I suppose you're talking about ACTIVATION, not registration? If you don't want to register, don't. You don't have to...

    If I want the feature or package, I will get it, but I don't appreciate Microsoft forcing it on me so it can destroy my machine's performance
    In Linux, you choose whether or not to install a feature. That's the way it's supposed to be, I guess.

    In WinXP, you choose whether or not to UNinstall a feature. Not how it should be, but it works:

    In C:\WINDOWS\INF there's a file named sysoc.inf
    Open it with your favourite text-editor, and use Search & Replace to replace every hide with a ,
    This allows you to use Control Panel --> Software to remove the features you don't like (Messenger, ...).

    I have an Athlon 800 with 256 RAM, and the thing runs smoothly...
    I included a DeskTop-Screenshot to show you what I mean: I'm running Visual Basic, PaintShopPro, I'm streaming radio with WinAmp, I run Proxomitron, SocksCap, ZoneAlarm, Tauscan, DAP, an FTP-monitor, a virus-scanner, my browser, Outlook, Messenger and 23 other services (at the same time, yes).
    Take a look at the processes-monitor: 110 Megs of RAM available... (it's in Dutch, but I'm sure you can see what I mean).

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    As far as getting an online XP through ftp or whatever it's impossible because it's pirated software. Microsoft actually searches the net looking for it, actually they have about 5 servers that do it autmatically. It was up in China about 2 months ago but of course it's not there anymore. I got my free version from a computer game convention. People were selling it for like 10 bucks. I would try looking in those places, hacker shows, gamming groups, places like that. I had XP for a long time had no problem with it, I was very statisfied. It never crashed, and everything was compatible except my Cobol Compilier which is the reason I had to go back to 98. XP needs at least a P3 to peak it's performance. But I think it's the best windows operating system out there.

    Some of the dirty tricks Microsoft will play on you are the bugs when somthing doesn't work right windows displays a message asking if you would like to report it to Microsoft, don't do it. All of your online history, registration info, cookies, go into the packet as well. Also the Passport that comes with it, already has bugs but Microsoft wants you to sign up for a hotmail-email account, MSN things like that. This is so they can monopolize but also they gain a better ability to read your e-mail.

    In my opinon it's a great OS but be warry off Microsoft and it's evil side.

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