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    Arrow SonicWall

    My school has a SonicWall firewall. It doesn't worth a thing.
    It even kept me out from
    Anyway. After messing around, I found out that it can be crashed if you provide it w/ a long enough username or password.
    As I kept looking, I was able to download a file called
    When I opened it, I found myself with 4 *.class files. Would anyone know if SonicWall stores the password hashes somewhere around there?

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    first of all, in case you didn't know *.class files are compiled versions of JAVA source. So, they would be very difficult to decypher.
    I'm not too sure about the program (i've never used it ), but the chances are the password is not in those files. Although if youcould decompile the files and look at the source code, you might figure out the encryption method for the password and where it is really stored.

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