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Thread: attacking port 139 and 135

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    attacking port 139 and 135

    whenever i do a port scan on my mahcines at home or any machine for that matter i see that ports 139 and 135 are open always..
    now if i were to wriet a program,say in C or VC++, to exploit that port so as to obtain information regarding that share or even the machine,what would the code read like??
    for example in linux i have written a C program that will connect to the finger i write the name of a person to the socket and then read back the information returned by the server from the same socket...
    similarly what i am i supposed to do to exploit port 139 ...

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    You wouldn't be breaking any new ground scripting this exploit scorpion, but i assume this is for learning purposes so you might want to take a look at the netbios rfc's -

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