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Thread: Win 200 Security

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    Win 2000 Security

    My boss (the smart one) removed his computer from one domain where he had admin previlages to another domain where he does not have admin rights. He has also forgotten the password to log in locally.

    My worst nightmare.

    I have been attempted to get into the system using every combination of hack and cracks I can find. I attempted to install L0pht crack, but since we don't have admin rights I can not load software. Since the machine is no longer part of my domain I can not attack (prob) the machine on the network. I can howeverobtain an address from DHCP and browse the internet and that about it.

    Loking for a sensible answer, by the way did I mention he wants this fixed NOW! (*******)

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    Is there a breakdown in communication at the company where you work? Why can't you get the domain admin password from the admin of that domain? You need it anyway to join the domain. Have you tried logging on using his old domain password and cached credentials (ie: with the machine not on the network)?
    Failing that, have a look at this -

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    Well that's why you don't let users have admin access...

    You could try the various tools here, never tried any though so who knows how well they work.

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    Re: Win2000

    Fire your boss then move the box back to the domain where it belongs.

    -- alternative --

    Fire your boss then get what you need to put the box on the new doamin.

    Your boss is too stupid to have any comtrol over the system let alone admin rights on a domain.

    I know this doesn't help, but it is what *should* happen.
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    I am not sure what your problem is but if you are looking into getting into your boss' computer locally, why don't you just create another administrator user? With this backup administrator, you'll be able to access all of his files.

    To create it, just make sure that you are a power user or on your boss' account since he (i presume) has admin rights...he was able to disassociate himself from a domain. If everything fails...put back the box in the original domain or more radically, take his hdd and slave it. as a slave you'll be able to get his data.

    if it's another problem, then post a more detailed description of what you want to accomplish.

    hope this helps.

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