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Thread: What's wrong with the IRC network of Antionline?

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    What's wrong with the IRC network of Antionline?

    What's wrong with it???? It keeps on banning me from even connecting the server???

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    I have the same problem but I'm not getting banned, I usually use the java interface that you get when you hit the IRC banner at the top of the site. I really like it and don't know any good irc applications so I use that. I think my problem is that I have outdated stuff, because the one at my school works perfectly. lol, so I don't know what's going on. Somtimes the server is down some times you can connect and the others just won't load right.

    I wish you could telnet into the chat room but to many security risks with that.

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    No No No. . . no-one is banned. . . the AO IRC server is down. Thats why it says . . .
    *** Connecting to (6667)
    *** Unable to connect (Connection refused)
    This usually happens every weekend when JP decides to work on Antibot or the server. . . It dosn't really matter because if u let it keep trying to connect, it will eventually connect to the CMU server...... unless you are using the java interface on AO. . . then ur screwed.
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    More Problems!

    I've been banned from antionline for something that a trojan horse did. Second, can you remove the ban? Third, how could IRC.ANTIONLINE.COM let you rename yourself to a registered person's name??? (according to IRC log, that's was the last thing it send before the ban)

    Dame, just when I think the internet is safe without a firewall and IDS......

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