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Thread: Question from a Newbie

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    Question Question from a Newbie

    I have a quick question.
    I'll be sitting in class using my computer and a message box will pop up in the middle of my screen with a short humorous message :] (usually the whole class receives the message) I'm sure it is a student (as a someone who is employed by the college would be reprimanded for these sometimes crude messages because it is kind of an anal retentive college)
    I'm wondering how someone would be able to do this.

    Thank you

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    The first thing that came into mind when I read this was the net send command. If you have an NT or 2000 network, try it. Just bring up your command prompt, and type something like this:

    net send "recipient" "message"

    Don't use the quotes, by the way. If you don't know a computer name or a username to send to, you can use a * instead of a recipient name, and it will send to everybody on the network. If this works, that's probably what's going on. Just be careful when you do this. It does no damage (obviously), but if the admin is anal retentive enough, they will probably get pissed, especially if you send to the whole network.

    Once you play with that command for a little while, you will probably find it's a lot of fun. I have written a little batch file that sends the message "SPAM!!!" to my brother's machine about 400 times. Whenever I get bored, it's just a quick double-click, and the screaming begins!

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    I think it's simpler than that.. it's probably WinPopUp.. That's what I was using when I was in school.. Chances are you're using Windoze NT..


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    Are the computers running novell? there is a utility in it that allows someone with admin access to send a message to all computers on the network....
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    Are you using Novell??
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    win nt and 2k use net send format through the command prompt. winpopup needs to be opened on win 98/95 boxes in order to receive/send messages.

    As for a dos attack, you can que 6 messages at a time. even if a batch is wrtten to net send, you can que 6 messages. do this to the user and everytime he logins in he'll get popups. If this is sent to a computer, whoever uses the pc will get the 6 queued messages. Do this on a domain and you'll get flamed by the admin

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    If you are on a Novell network... yeah, that can be done. It's fairly simple to do. But, can you describe the messagebox to us? Maybe post (upload) a screenshot? (You can take screenshots in windows by hitting the PrintScrn button (next to scroll lock and Pause/Break, above Home and End)
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    If it's novell then it's easy, me tinx I remember a novell msg program with novel install. need more info to say otherwise
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    It's probably winpopup.

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    With the net send command, is there any way of hiding your ID or node name, so I can spam one of my colleagues for Christmas?
    It's not malicious, he's a good laugh and would do it to me if he could...

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