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    Unhappy need help

    Im looking for websites from where i can find information abt. Computer Networks( types, history , security ) everything related to networks .

    In Every Digital Circuit There Is An Analog Circuit Screaming To Come Out.

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    Hi mom!
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    That's a lot of information, you're asking for... Each time I want to have THAT mach information, I go to the local bookstore or library, and look for books on the topic...

    If you insist on reading the stuff online, the Request For Comment's offer a lot of information...

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    Google. You can find anything at Google. Run a search for 'Computer Networks' or something like that and I guarantee you will find something.
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    Thumbs up also has copious amounts of information

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    752 has some really cool information, mostly on network hardware.

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    Hy man ,
    U can go to
    where u will get all the answers for ur question ..

    Be Cool ..

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