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Thread: WinXP Tweaks

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    Post WinXP Tweaks

    I'm using a Dutch version of WinXP, so some of those terms may not be the actual English ones

    1. Windows Media Player.

    If you give Windows Media Player access to the net, you're giving up your anonymity. You don't like that? Disable it!
    How? Extra --> Options --> Player (first tab) --> Unselect 'Permit Internet-sites to assign an ID to your player'.

    2. Uninstall.

    You don't like a feature (Messenger,...), but don't know how to remove it?

    Here's how:

    In C:\Windows\Inf, there's a file called 'sysoc.inf'.
    Open it with notepad (or another text-editor). It should look a little something like this:

    Signature = "$Windows NT$"
    The 'hide' option prevents you from removing the application (meaning it won't show in your Configuration --> Software screen). Use your text-editors search&replace-function to replace every hide with a ,
    Safe the file, go back to your Configuration --> Software-screen, and remove whatever application you want.

    3. Changing a service's priority.

    You want to give your Virusscanner or another application Top priority? --> Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del (for those of you who don't want to use both hands: Ctrl-Shift-Esc). Your taskmanager will pop up. Select the second tab (processes), and right-click the process you want to change.

    4. Faster Start-menu.

    Open regedit. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \Desktop. Open the key MenuShow Delay. Standard value is 400. Lower this to make your Start-menu faster.

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    Thanks for the tips Negative,

    I just built a new machine for gaming, and I installed XP on it, but the day after I installed it, it wouldn't boot, some file was missing or other.

    I think my problem is that my mother board has a promise raid controller, and I think the array was screwing up.

    Hopefully soon I can try your tips out...


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    Question WMP

    good post, negative...but as for the Win Media Player...does the loss of anonymity apply with every incarnation of windows, or just XP? i just blocked its access in my firewall, just in case, but a bit more info would be appreciated, as i don't run XP, but an earlier version of windows.
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    Arrow Great but...

    Thats great stuff Negative. The only thing is I want more!!!! Is there any other tweaks that you could post?

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    Great post! If you know any more tweaks, please post them!

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    Lightbulb WinMP

    I don't know if this will work on XP but I'll tell you anyway, it might still be useful. If youve recorded some files on WMP and when you move them to a different computer it wont let you play them because of "rights" management, heres what to do.
    1.)Go to the PC you recorded the songs on, open WMP and go to tools, Rights Management (something like that)
    2.)Whack in a floppy and tell it to back up to A:\
    3.)Go to your other PC and tell it to restore it's rights from the disk

    This worked great for me (with winME ans win98) and I hope someone out there finds it handy!
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    Get the same effect?

    You can get the same effect with a linux os as a windowsxp os.. Here is how..

    Ok install linux onto your box.. (doesnt matter which version) open up your case.. carefully unscrew your harddrive from whatever is holding it.. Lay it (while it is plugged in and in use) on a flat surface (usually right next to the pc cuz the cables dont reach far.) then pick up your cpu case.. Hold it over the harddrive very carefully then thrust it downwards into the harddrive many times.. When there are large dents and electrical components flying off the hard drive.. Linux is now working just as good as Windows XP..

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