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Thread: Linux & USB?!?!

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    Question Linux & USB?!?!

    Hi, I'm waiting for the installation of a cable connection to the net.

    The thing is, I think the cable modem they are installing is USB, so for the really dumb question : Does Linux supports USB? I was thinking about installing the cable modem at my linux box and use it as a gateway / firewall to the internet.

    Well if it doesn't can I do the opposite? I was thinking that if I would share the internet connection at my XP box, and adding something like ( I just know the command at dos, but I think is similar) route add mask will it work?!

    thanks for the help.

    Again, soory if I wrote something wrong, Portuguese here!

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    Yes to both. What version of Linux are you using?

    This link might help you about the USB issue

    As for adding the route, it is similar to the windows concept:

    route add default netmask
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    Thanks. I'll check it out.

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