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Thread: BO2Kgui.exe how to delete it?

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    Unhappy BO2Kgui.exe how to delete it?

    how to delete BO2kGUI.exe in windoze by using DOS??

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    del bo2kgui.exe

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    To remove the server from your system you need to open your registry (after backing it up) and remove the key that BO2K uses to start itself. The keys to check are


    Remember that by default the value that starts up BO2K is UMGR32.EXE, but this can easily be changed, so if this key is not present then try looking for anything that looks out of place. When you find the entry that looks like it may be the Back Orifice Server then make sure that you record the name of the file. Open windows explorer, and locate the file in your windows\system folder, look at the files properties, the majority of the files that are supposed to be there have a version tag in the properties (there are no files that are not supposed to be there that have version tags to my knowledge), the BO2K server does not. Then go back , and delete the registry entry, and close the registry. Now reboot your computer to MSDOS mode, and change to the directory C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM (use cd C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM, or whatever your windows system directory is), and then move the file to a different directory, where it will not be run, for example use the following commands if these directories exist, substitute the name of the suspected server for UMGR32.EXE


    Then restart your computer, make sure that everything is working OK, and then delete the file in the temporary folder. If there is a problem, copy the file back to the windows\system folder.

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    format c:
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    why would you tell him to format his disk drive, thas not coo son............ anyways, whats so important about deleting it in dos..... you can do it in windows..... anyways...... here are to commands.....

    first find the path or whatever....

    del c:\path\bo2k.....exe
    and check to see if it on your hard drive........ if its not gone then format it... but make sure you back everything up!

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    If you really want to delete it from DOS, then its likely that the bo2kgui.exe file etc. has some special attributes (read only or hidden). You can use switches on the DOS DIR command e.g. DIR bo2kgui.exe /AH /S (from C: ) to list all copies of it that are 'hidden'.
    If you want to change the attributes in DOS this can be using the DOS ATTRIB command e.g. ATTRIB -R bo2kgui.exe to remove the 'read-only' attribute (which would then make it deletable via the DEL command).

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