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Thread: Computer enthusiasts

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    Computer enthusiasts

    Im trying to find more people in my area that are into security. I was curious to know if there are any sites out there that could lead me in the right direction. Peace.
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    you can find local linux user groups at this link...

    If there is one local to you, those people
    will be into security, at least some of them should be quite knowledgeable and helpful as a local resource.

    Or at least they will be able to point you to
    a local security user group of some type

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    try to get ahold of one of those free local comp. magz, e.g. in my area, computer source and pcsu. they usually have user group info in the back

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    Well if you really are from New York, 2600 has meetings every month.
    Just check on their web site when and where the next meeting will be.

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