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Thread: problem configuring linux router

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    problem configuring linux router

    i have set up R.H 7.1 to act as a router between a 2000professional and a ME machine..the problem is that ,when i ping the linux router from either the 2000 machine or the ME machine i get a reply only if i ping the respective machines from linux at the same time..if i dont ping from linux i dont get any reply..when i ping either of these machines from linux i am able to access one windows machine from the other..however when i stop pinging from the linux router the connection goes down..
    i hope someone can show me a way out..i am not using an hub..all wiring has been done using crossover cabling..

    hi there petemcevoy know my network..may be you can help me..


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    Gonna take a shot as I dont know all of you configuration but have you checked the file /proc/sys/net/ip4/ip_forward and ensured it's set to 1 by typing echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ip4/ip_forward?

    You may have to do it a few times to get it to stick.
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    Hi Scorpion,
    Could you elaborate on how you're routing your traffic, ie: ipchains/iptables?
    In the meantime, you /could/ maintain connectivity by alt+F2 ing into a second virtual terminal (tty2) and pinging from there, alt+F1 back into tty1 and carry on with your work. Its a kludge but what the hell ;-)

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    Thumbs up cool problem

    thats a nice looking problem u have there.
    what does it have to do with icmp i wonder? ...why would icmp affect file sharing in windows...? guess it that it doesn't ...and then i wonder ... what else could it be? .. the first thing i'm thinking of is the cabling...u say that they are twisted pair cables ... uhm..
    i'm not sure how signals go through all the 4/8 wires there ...but i'm sure u could have a signal mistake due to an wrong cripping of the cables see if u connect the 2000 with the other win if they could see themself ... then switch cables.. ...i could try buying a 4 port hub if u don't want to spend more ... but the thing is that icmp shouldn't affect them too much .. anyway i will and u should read how is the file sharing connection made in windows ...check how do the computer check for life in network ...your linux station might not route something there ...but the cable problem should be checked also ...
    wires go crazy sometimes computers ..
    thank you

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