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Thread: Heh... How good a hacker are you?!

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    Cool Heh... How good a hacker are you?!

    Dont get me even starting on those boolshit i read now

    A Hacker, boys and girls...
    Does not talk too much!

    And he is called a hacker because of his abilitis and knowledge
    not for breaking McDonalds or hacking ATM machines!!!

    A Hacker use attaks only to learn and gain more knowledge and not for stealing .
    (@ @)
    Master of Distruction

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    What the hell is a hacker anyway?

    Isnt this a forum about um, heh.. I forget.

    yeah thats it...

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    Everyone wants to be a "Hacker" and not only do they want to hack,but they want to hack now,"right now".

    If you want to be a real good hacker devote about 1 year to learning C,C++,and perl before that you should know HTML,
    you can learn that (HTML) in about 1 week.

    After you learn those hacking becomes academic,all you have to do now is figure out whether you want to be a "white hat" or a "black hat". there's money in both,but if you become a black hat remember that the only way to stay on top is to
    KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, dont brag and dont tell anyone **** about your hacking,if you can do that you might just make it.The smart hackers are the ones that you dont know about.


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