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Thread: How to use a double proxy??

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    Question How to use a double proxy??

    hey guys i heard u can get traced with a proxy but i also heard if you have double proxies u cant be traced how can i get a doubled proxy. I saw this msg in yahoo clubs and wondering for myself as well


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    Hmm, how to reply to this.

    Proxies work something like this.

    You set you browser up to use the proxy. When you request that your browser show a certain page for you, it asks the proxy about that page. The proxy downloads the page and then forwards the data on to your browser.

    This is the basic premise.

    So far, there are probably logs in 2 places. 1. your browser(fairly easy to get rid of). 2. The proxy has a record of who(usuallyIP address, perhaps account name, depending on your setup) requested certain data, and whether or not that data was available. And, the server hosting the page you requested has a record that the proxy server requested the page.

    So, the end point of your browsing has no specific record of you browsing their page, but they know about the proxy. If someone is interested enough, and has enough authority(i.e. law enforcement)
    they can force the proxy to hand over the logs, and bang, you are found out.

    If you use 2 proxies, all you do is add another step in the process. You do add a bit of confusion to the search, only if other people have requested the same page as you have. but still, law enforcement can trace it to a limited number of people.

    So, if you can find 2 proxies that keep no logs at all(heh, yeah right, not anymore) there really is no way to hide, if the people you are hiding from want you bad enough. Having said that, if you are not hiding your activity from law enforcement, then you should have no worries.

    Unless you are trying to hide from large banks/insurance companies, or uberhackers.

    So, if you are using these proxies to hide a hack etc.. forget it. It can be traced.

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    Best (most anonymous) method is to set up a load of proxys of your own... without logging enabled, on as many computers as you can... set each one to point to the next, then the final one into the internet
    then from wherever you are, you just conect to the first in the chain...

    if they don't have logs, its not so easy to trace, try to set them up on public computers (libraries, colleges, universities etc... preferably places with broadband net connections - they're always on... someone's home comp. with a 56k modem ain't a good idea!)

    However, if you want to know this to try to hack something - give up now

    Thay can, and will, find a way to trace you!
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