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Thread: have you ever.....

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    have you ever.....

    Whatever your reason for coming to antionline from security information or sadly even hacking..... you most likely did not come here to here my visable blabering...... oh well, if you dont care you can leave this thread now......

    Im at the point of my life where im like click click its al over..... alot of you have been to this point. Its like what you got to live for? I mean its like my life sucks.... this world where my skin color matters, my strentgh, who i know and etc.... its like i aint going to be the big football star or basketball star....lmao, nope not me, school evolvs around all that ****. but i aint **** in this world.... nothing goes as planned cant trust no one.... its funny the net is a reflection of the world we live in......

    Theres virus's love money etc..... but this is almost like a world that i control..... but anyways, i ****in tried out for basketball two years in a row and both times i didnt make it, its funny cause i been on traveling teams and i held my own and some stick me in my booty ass coach decides my skill level aint good enough. its weird cause i went to a football game tonight to see my cousin play. its like it seem like they haveing a good time and etc, but what about the people like me..... i guess the few.

    I dont give a **** if you feeling it or not, i just want to let peeps know how i feel....

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    Please read this entire post bizzybutlazy

    please, learn to enjoy the little ****,

    "Oh, wow, someone responded to my post."

    "heh, this show is funny", or, "wow, I learned a new command for *nix today, and I am gonna write a tutorial about it."

    There are so many people in this world, the "famous" people are so few, the rest make it some how, and for the most part make a nescessary contribution to society.
    And go through what I infer you are feeling right now.

    in new york city alone, there are what? 25 million people, how many of them have you heard about on the news in the last 2 months, maybe 15000, 4000ish of those died(according to new numbers), about 7000 were directly affected, and the rest were rescue/relief workers.
    So you didnt make your college basketball team. Neither did I make my college football team, and neither(probably, but I will never know) did Linus Torvalds, the force behind linux. Jay leno too, was never on his college basketball team, that I know of.

    If you take a step back, you will see, there is a lot to live for.

    Someone you particularly like hanging with, or a special someone that looks at you "that way" even if it is only a hmm, what are you like kinda look.

    Bottom line man, take some action, if basketball/football is your only interest in life, I guess you are done for.

    But the fact that you are here, of all places in a computer security forum, shows me that you have something else to give. After all, Micheal Jordan isnt the only guy that is successful, and has beautiful girls hangin on him. Look at Bill Gates, he never made any basketball team, I garranty it, and he married a gorgeous girl. OK, say it was the money, but he used his brain to get that money, not some lucky break on physical characteristics or inborn skill. Besides, there are great girls/guys, depending on your persuasion out there that will like you for you, with money never ever entering the picture.

    Read some books, or install a new app for linux, and document that, and post it here, people will appreciate it, and give you some props man...

    Take care

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    You wonder when your day will come? You wonder when it will be your turn to succeed and win? You wonder if all this hard work will ever pay off? I cant tell you it will. For all I know you could die a lonely depressed person who never achieved anything. BUT you never know what could happen. If you believe that it will happen and you want it bad enough and are willing to stop at nothing to make it happen, it will. Those who believe ye shall succeed.
    Wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.
    --Ecclesiastes 10:19

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    "In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes."

    Andy Warhol, 1928-1987.

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    I know how you feel with all the football players and cheerleaders commanding the schools. It sucks, I know. They all get respect, and sometimes even fear because they're the beautiful people. They deserve none of it. They think they can push people around, and they get to pick and choose who their friends are, and who their enemies are. Of course, they pick all the beautiful people as their friends, and they allow some of the smart people to think they're friends with them. After all, they're too dumb to do anything themselves except throw a ball or fling a pom pom. Somebody has to carry them through school. The world treats them very well, and too often at the cost of other people. All the world seems to revlove around looks and sports. It's incredibly dumb, but that's the way it is.

    I am convinced that jocks and cheerleaders were put on this earth for one purpose: to make everybody's life a living hell. They get all the breaks in life, and throw it in the face of people like me and psychosquee, who goes to school with me. Their egos are like **** to the rest of the school; flies (the general student body) love it, and the stench of it doesn't go away for a while. Most of them do not deserve to exist on this earth, as they are nothing but a drain on people. The jocks do it by harassing all those that have more brain cells than them (which is just about everybody). Then, they flash their cheerleader "girlfriends" everywhere like some ****ing trophy. The cheerleaders do it by taunting you with their looks, and then going out of their way to act like bitches to you, whether or not you even acknowledge their existence. But of course, who would want to to touch them, with all their F.P.S.T.D.s (football player sexually transmitted diseases)?

    When it all gets you down, "The Severe Beating of a High School Cheerleader" by Adam Sandler sometimes helps. I know it's fake, but just the thought of one of them getting what they deserve helps me out a lot. If that doesn't help, remember to cut along the vein, not across. I personally prefer the idea of using a shotgun, though, because it will leave your family scrubbing the wall for a week (best used on white walls, as the odds of them getting all the stains out are low). It guarantees that you will be remembered, as the trauma of them having to scrub little pieces of your brain off the wall will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

    When they're in prison (if I haven't blown my ****ing brains out by then), I'm going to make it a point to go harass them every single day, until they hang themselves from the bars of their cell. My life will be fulfilled, and I will have done my good deed for the world. When they do hang themselves, I hope I can be there to watch, and maybe hold them up so it takes longer. I hate them....every last one of those **** (A.K.A. cheerleader) eating *******s. I hope the bus to their next game gets hit by a train. At least I could be happy.

    I know this post is likely to get me a ****-load of negative AntiPoints, but I just don't care. That's what I think, and now that I said this, I feel (a little bit) better, at least for now.

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    What is life?
    No one knows.
    But if you think about it, who cares?
    If we worry about what life is, we can't live to its fullest.

    This rant (yes im going to rant and rave at you bizzybutlazy) is special to me because I am in some big trouble with the 50.

    Don't ask why because it's a personal matter but what I mean is that if you worry about what
    you're SUPPOSED to do in life. You'll run out of time to do it.

    By no means do I mean go out and get in trouble with the 50 purposely. But don't always worry.
    Be happy.
    Life is good if you deal with it optimistically.

    Keep friends close, and have no enemies. Hate is just one of those retarded (no im not PC) road blocks in life.

    Anything you accomplish because of hate is in vain. It's worthless to your soul.

    And what is it if a man gains the world, becomes the pro footballer or basketballer, but loses his soul in the process?

    Live on in peace, and never revel in hate. It'll hurt you more.

    Peace out

    Windows does not have enough free memory to run this program.

    I will never intentionally abuse this board. However, when adding AntiPoints please be a man/woman and leave your name so we can discuss why you did so. I shall also leave my name on all points i send. Thankyou.

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    Life ain't that bad, no matter how bad people in schools make it seem. And I should know - I get a lot of the **** aimed in my direction in school. And why? Cos I know stuff about computers? Cos I get more than 2% in science tests? Cos I don't play football or listen to pop music? Yeah - All of the above, and do I care? NO

    Because I know I'm going to make something of my life... I know that when all the rest are trying (and failing) to become professional footballers, I will be in a hospital somewhere helping people... [yeah, i wanna go into medicine, not computer security, comp. sec. is more of a hobby] I will be there performing life-saving surgery on people, and what will they be doing?

    And if that fails to make you see the light at the end of the tunnel, just think about holidays, warm sun, beaches, huge 6ft. waves and expensive surfboards...
    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them.
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
    (The Lord Of The Rings)

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    Earl Wilson - If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a
    couple of car payments.

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    Unhappy *Warning: This post has a lot of adult content that may be offensive.

    If I was happy...

    -I wouldn't be intelligent, instead some drooling basketball player who ****s lots of girls, gets drunk, and parties all of the time.

    -I wouldn't care about computers. A computer, in a sense, is like a mute friend: it will never harass you, will never hurt you, and will never beat the **** out of you because you think differently than it does. I would consider computers to be stupid, and not worth my time learning about (I would be too busy ****ing some cheerleader's brains out at some party)

    -I wouldn't have the friends I do now. They have similar interests as I, and if I didn't care about computers, they would not be my friends. What was between a girl's legs would be my main interest, and it would interfere with everything else, as it does in many of my classmates (I despise them so...)

    The only thing that keeps my little pathetic excuse for a life in motion is the wonderful fact that if I don't commit suicide first, I will be something none of them will ever be: an IT professional, making 60,000+ a year working for a large company, working on computers, being successful and if I get really lucky and join a revolutionary party at the time of political change, and become part of a party that rules a major third world country, and they would come and beg for forgiveness...

    I think differently, and they don't like it... **** them.

    Don't give me negative anti-points because of the language. I said what needed to be said, and spared nothing.
    Welcome to Hell , where we have served more than all of the fast food chains put together! And the number grows everyday! Stay tuned!

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    Unhappy hmmm

    living in australia i dont get much of that jocks v nerds stuff although i am often labeled a nerd for the amount of time i spend in from of a computer but i just sit back knowing that i will proabably get a better in come than those ppl that play sports all day and do no school work
    that my 2cents

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