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Thread: Linux Advise need help

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    Linux Advise need help

    Need to know i can get linux for 5.00 but its version 4.0 should i take it or go with the store and buy latest version

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    If you know stuff about linux already and just want to get a system up & running, not really bothered about all the graphical frontends and latest software etc. then go for it

    But if you havent tried Linux before, or if you want top-of-the-range stuff, go for aboxed version from a shop - you usually get free tech. support with 'em to help you set it up and install it and so on!
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    you can if you are a cheap bastord like me download the iso image and burn it to a cd. you can pick this up from there ftp site

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    Linux is about kernel 2.4 (?). There is no version number for Linux. There are version numbers for comerical releases of the linux kernel with software bundles. So version 5 of what or who's release. ( Not that it matters.)
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