Go to DOS prompt or whatever you use ...

1. Type

telnet ********** 25

(replace ********* with the I.P of a mail server)

(That last number tells it to telnet on port 25, is very important that you type otherwise you will be asked for a login)

2. now you should be connected to ***********, check that you are (you will see time and date etc at top of telnet window

3. type in the telnet window

helo earthlink.net

followed by return key

4. type

mail from: santa@northpole.net

followed by return key

5. type

rcpt to: "the email adress of sibling or whatever"

followed by return key

6. type


followed by return key

7. Type in something like

HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS or whatever you want

followed by a return key

8. To end the message just put a "." on the line by itself and hit return ... VOILA the mail is sent


I know this isnt really security related but hey, its sure nice for the reciever.