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Thread: Cheerleaders...useless or nessesary for a functional society?

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    date em?

    no.. id just wanna "Dew" the "Dew"

    ya know?
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    Lightbulb People are people...

    I live in Australia, as a lot of you may know we are known for our love of sport(not me). However cheerleaders have never been a 'significant' part of life. Most of you seem to be talking about them as if they were a major part of your lives even though you hate them so. If someone wants to be or is a 'jock' or a 'cheerleader' then who cares?? What's there to dislike??

    People are people, a person is an idiot. It doesn't matter if they're a 'jock', a 'geek' or anything.

    On another note wtf is with these weird names????

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    All i can say is i cant wait until i get into college!

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    wooo cheerleaders....yay....yeah right. sure they hype the team up and give support, but theres usually a crowd to support the team anyways.
    Life is just a series of decisions, each one can alter your future and you can possibly end your life at any moment. Do you really want to be under the care of the Microsoft Support Center?!?!

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