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Thread: Difference between mandrake and red hat?????????

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    Difference between mandrake and red hat?????????

    hey i`m wondering what the difference is between those two. Mandrake pro is 45.00 and red hat pro is 180 dunno which one i should get i would wanna go with the cheaper one anyone can tell me?

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    The big picture difference is that Mandrake is more user-friendly, and graphically appealing than Red Hat. I think Red Hat is better, though. Why bother with the pro version? Why not just download the regular version for free? Linux IS freeware, you know.

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    hey i know its free but i rather buy it . The thing is i saw mandrak and i was thinking on buying red hat maybe i should change and buy mandrake instead not sure really

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    Well, I have tried both. I think Mandrake is the best for most beginners, but I think Red Hat is good if you want to pick up Linux fast. It's really your choice. I still can't understand why you would want to buy it though.

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    iso image files take 27hrs that could be why and i have a 56k modem. So rather buy it

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    If you wanna get to know Linux more intimately...

    Get Slakware. Slak doesn't have the fancy administration scripts (like RH sndconfig). It makes you do configuration by editing config files. You will learn a LOT more by being forced to find these files and edit them. One of the old sayings is...

    If you need to fix a problem with Linux, ask a Slakware user. They will usually find the problem and fix it faster.

    Good Luck
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    Mandrake *is* Red Hat Linux. Mandrake started out by literaly copying the default Red Hat Distro and repackaging it with a much cuter install/boot screen. You will find all the RH tools like sndconfig on Mandrake etc.. etc.. etc..

    As for your Pro question. Mandrake Pro comes with more software, Red Hat Pro comes with more software. They both just come with more software. The key difference between Mandrake Pro and Red Hat Pro is Enterprise class solutions packaged with the Pro edition of RH, hence the higher price tag. The OS, Kernel, base system, and RH packages are the same. You are only paying more for stuff like more along the database administration lines. Same with Mandrake. The OS, Kernel, and packages are the same, but with Pro you get more software, usually stuff like Real Player and maybe a game from Loki or something.

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    If you have no experience using Linux and you want to be up and running within an hour I would say go for Mandrake and screw Red Hat.

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    hey guys thanks for the help .

    cya later

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