I have a phone that seems to have a short circuit or something causing this annoying buzzing sound. I opened the phone cause I was fixing to make a blak box, but I decided to fix this first. But whenever I touched any metal parts in it the buzzing seemed to go away. If anyone knows a good way that I could ground the phone to get rid of the hum and/or has or can find the schematics for it that would help alot. The manufacturers name is no longer on the front but on the back there's a sticker that says Code-A-Phone. I'm not shure but that's probably the manufacturer. The serial # is: RL100916. The model # is 1950. code 8. Please Please Please, if you can help please do so. Ignore the e mail adress at the top. You can e mail me at toymachinepunk@juno.com. Thanx