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Thread: Linux Help. please! :)

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    Question Linux Help. please! :)

    I was just wondering If I could get some help. On my *nix box it says that a few ports are open, like samba, sunprc, 784 & 6000... etc................

    Now I've disabled alot of the ports from initd.conf as well I looked throught /etc/services. But I can't see where those ports are listed so I can't completely block them I think?

    Anyways when I do scan another thing is that those ports to which I mentioned turns up "filtered" Does that mean that they are already blocked? And if not how can I get my machine to stop listening to those ports?????


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    sunrpc may be necessary if you are running any IPC services. port 6000 is your X server. You should read the HOWTO's and I think their is an NHF at
    that gives some good advise about securing your X connection. I can't remember what the 786 is. Unless you need samba, read the man page on it. It may tell you how to turn off the service or you can look for it in your init scripts. good luck

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    Thanx for the advice I'm gobba look into that website and scoure more on those man pages..........................


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