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    Linux help

    hey i`m reading Carolyn meinel book and she says to use suse, caldera or corel for a first good experience i`m a beginner need advise fast please


    i ordered mandrake but might cancel let me know

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    I'm guessing that you're asking if you made a good decision by oredering Mandrake as your first Linux OS. I think it's the best flavor for a beginner, but I haven't tried them all. I have tried Red Hat and Mandrake, and I must say that Mandrake has kind of a Windows feel to it (or as close as Linux can get).

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    Corel isn't very good. Caldera is like beer... it's an acquired taste. I'd stick with the Mandrake install. (I hope you are getting 8.1 or later.) If you have any problems with it when you get it, feel free to PM me here or ICQ me if you see me on. I don't claim to be an expert, but I've been using Linux for a little over two years with now Windows on my computer. Mandrake 8.1 is what I currently use, but I also have Slak and Red Hat, (not much different from Mandrake as Mandrake is based off of RH) and I'm downloading Debian as I type.

    Good luck

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    Ok ya i kept mandrake 8.1 so i guess i`m sticking to it thats about all the help i need for now. When i get back to ny end of dec. gonna connect by ethernet my old computer to my 533mhz that would be my first time doing that as well. Ok well thats it for now


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    They are all LInux, so the real question is which is a little easier for newbies to pick up. This is where Mandrake takes the center stage. Mandrake seems to be designed just for newbies to help soften the withdrawl from the `Windows Addiction'.

    Just install Mandrake and then go buy Linux in a Nutshell by O'reilly and learn the command line. Once you know the command line and the other basics it really doesn't matter which Distro you use, you will find they really are all the same.

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    Mandrake is probably best for a beginning linux user. I personally used Red Hat for my first distro(5.1 or something like that) and had no real problem. But then I had a bit of experience using UNIX command lines before that...

    As long as the install goes ok, and you are able to figure out how to get some little things done, like open a shell from the desktop, you should have no problem following the excercises that she has in her book. You may need to download and install a new shell, but, that is not terribly difficult, and you can certainly find that kind of help here, and many other places on the web. For example, there is some good info here....

    Good luck,

    Dont hesitate to ask questions about linux and how to do things here. You may hesitate because you see other questions get flamed, but, as long as you are not asking how to hack hotmail(or equivalent) and have at least tried a web search prior to asking questions, you should be ok..

    Good Luck,


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