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Thread: Defacing Websites

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    Question Defacing Websites

    I know of only one way to deface a website, and that is, finding a site with port 21 open. I would appreciate it very much, if someone could explain to me the other ways, if any, of defacing a website.

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    Thumbs down

    Not quite as bad as "How do I hack hotmail?", but then again maybe it's worse.

    I'm waiting for the first fire bomb to land.

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    4 my opp, it is as bad as asking "how do I hack hotmail"...but to each his own

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    google is great

    Youd think some of these people would learn how to do it their self someday. Hmm, guess warez idiots and script kiddies dont have enough brains.

    please excuse my attitude, but where the hell to these idiots come from.

    If you want to be a "hacker", the first thing you must learn, is how to find/learn things on your own.

    Here is stuff about website defacement...

    Now other begining hackers may want different information....

    Lets see how difficult it is to find information... try this link..., and follow links from whereever the search takes you....

    REad lots of the links from this search, find stuff you are interested in, and then learn more about that. If you expect that posting questions here on the board about how to deface this website, or hack hotmail, or exploit AIM will get you results, you are not hacker material. All you want to do, is cause damage. Go buy yourself a bat and hang out the window of your friends car playing mailbox baseball... it will be much better for all of us.

    If you want to be a hacker, you will not succeed by asking others how to hack, you must be a self starter, who is willing to confront difficult tasks, and figure out many things yourself. Once you have a broad range of general knowledge, and can come accross as not a complete idiot in a technical conversation, then start asking some serious questions?

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    go to and serach for things like `web site defacement how to'

    this kind of stuff is all over the net, if you really want to know just look for it.

    tip: just about every hack including what to do when you get busted can be found on the net. so do yourself a favor and avoid the falmes by looking for these tut's first.

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    Go Here. and these people will help, here you are what the people here are fighting against.

    I want to flame you but its pointless just try the link, the board has more useful knowledge for crackers than Antionline will ever have for obvious reasoning.

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    Now guys, we can't be too harsh on little ole' warezpup.
    First things first, look at his name. Now, not to be the stereotyp-er of the group, but at first glance, you wouldn't expect him to spout off about networks or routers or (insert technical term here), now would you? (sorry, more of a graphics person that tech-y)

    It's his first post so we should go easy on him. (bites his nail in anticipation of Negative) Warezpup, to learn about defacements, take a gander at this little site.

    If it doesn't help, I'm sorry. Thanks for your time.
    ...the scent of your hair as you twirl in your fingers, and the time on the clock, when we realized that it\'s so late, and this walk that we shared....together!

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    What? I thought this site was meant to be about protecting yourself from other Hackers not trading information on how to hack hmmm...

    "Hackers know the weeknesses in your system shouldnt you?"

    Now if you want to hack or learn how to hack why come on here?

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    its like a gun given to a baby

    I dont know why you guys do this but you give these kiddys guns and ammo and expect them not to blow there heads off? I would never give anyone total knowhow on hacking because I might be the one who gets hacked.

    And I agree with you all on you kneed to learn this **** on your own its more fun that way and you will know alot more when you have to redo you OS ten or twenty times over. lol

    But anyways when is the last time you picked up a good book? I suggest try reading Hacking Exposed, Hackers Challenge, Hacking exposed for windows. at

    now take the gun and put it in your mouth and pull the trigger.

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    You can use bugs,keyllogers and social engeneering.

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