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    Lightbulb Try2Hack

    Are you up for a little contest? Check out this site:

    If you can defeat the password, you'll get to the next level. The first levels are easy, but soon you'll have your hand full!

    You will need a text editor and a few decompilers. (And a little bit of knowledge....) Pretty fun!

    Myself, I've just got to level 4. Anyone better?

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    Cool site, thanks man.

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    growing bitter!

    I'm not very good at this, but I can't get past level two. I've downloaded Flash, I've tried opening the levvel[2] document in word, visual interdev, with Flash... I'm stabbing in the dark so don't come to close, you might get wounded. That's not what I want! Anybody care to give me feedback on level 2?

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