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Thread: Reasons for getting AntiPoints!

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    Talking Reasons for getting AntiPoints!

    OK now... There's been a lot of discussion about getting AP's for some stupid reasons. I want you all to share the best (worst ) reasons, so we all get some good laughs. I don't get too much AP's, so I can't put many, but I'll start with some (first the status of the AP, then the given reason. I believe all the stupid reasons are given without a name, but if there is the name, just write "-name". Not like "-ZeroOne" but just "-name". We don't want to humiliate people so badly.):

    balance: yahoo is the same thing as google you see it on the main page
    negative: Please don't give me antipoints for this....well bad luck!!
    positive: Nice English!


    PS. If someone gives you negative AP's for publishing his/her comment, laugh at it and submit it into this thread... I don't want to be mean, I just want to make people happy & teach which kind of reasons are bad so that.. er... ok: if they stop we won't get laughs, but if they continue we might get pissed... yeah.. so I want to reduce the amount of stupid reasons. or something... I hope this thread grows into a big one.
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    i was discussing forcing the user to give names, and i got balance points saying "if you could see me now, you would not be very happy" can't guess what they would have been if they wern't balance!
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