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    I was curious as to how telezapper is legal. The commercial claims it removes your number from the solicitor's computer, but wouldn't that somehow be breaking and entering?

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    From what I understand of the Telezapper, it emits a tone that tricks the telemarketer's autodialer into thinking that your number is out of service.

    The following is from the Telezapper site @

    How does the TeleZapper get rid of telemarketers?

    The TeleZapper takes advantage of the telemarketers' automatic dialing equipment and uses it against them. The TeleZapper sends out a signal that your phone is disconnected. By "fooling" the auto dialer into recording your number as disconnected, it removes your name from telemarketers' calling lists. Sales calls are virtually stopped altogether, but all other calls get through trouble-free. Telemarketers are trapped by their own technology!

    Hope this helps!

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