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Thread: General Windows Question/problem

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    General Windows Question/problem

    Most everybody has reinstalled Windows at some point or another. My problem is that I have software installed that I can't reinstall (VB 6 that I got from a friend, huge downloads that I deleted the installation file and can't redownload, etc.) When I reinstall windows with my lamo E-machines disk, it wipes out my intalled programs list. This is a big problem because some programs like VB 6 get mundo errors when they don't see themselves in the installed programs list. Any help or do I sound like a moron for not realizing something I should have?
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    Question A couple questions and answers...

    Right dude, a couple quesions:

    [list=1][*]What OS are you running?[*]Is VB compatible with that OS?...maybe you need an upgrade.[*]Was the VB you got warez, or burnt? Check to see if you have the actual Installation CD wit you.[*]What type of errors occur when running VB? Are they "Runtime" errors?[*]Does VB completely install, but not work. Or is it that it just won't install period.[/list=1]

    Because it could be that your OS (Operating System) might not be compatible with VB6, and you'll have to download a patch or upgrade for either your OS or VB6. Also, warez files that are this large tend to usually be nice (from the good sites at least ), yet others infect virii into thier cracked supply. You could have gotten the bad pick of the crop . The best thing to do (especially if your friend gave it to you) is just run over to his/her house and borrow the CD for an hour or two. Install it from there and everything should be fine.
    Another problem that might be occuring could be runtime errors. This simply means that you must go HERE and search for the Runtime you need. Now remember that this does not only happen for runtime errors, there are many numerous errors that call for a missing file that is needed.

    I hope this solves your problem somewhat. Just play around with it, call your friend over for help, maybe he can help you more. Good luck.
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    In Win98 you can run the CD to reinstall Window$ "over" your existing setup. The OS becomes stable and the only thing you lose are your drivers, which are a minimum price for what you are doing.
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    my impractical suggestion for you impractical is to attempt to locate a tape drive and once you get a stable system with all of your apps make a backup of the HDD to tape. with a good image of your disk the way you want it you will have a little more piece of mind.

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    I was running Win98 although now I am running WinXP Corp. Pro. I believe the software was warez but it had always run fine. Im not at the computer I have the problem with so Im not sure what the errors were. I think it may be a problem with the windows CD overwriting dlls that the program used; but I also think it may be because the registry is wiped out when I reinstall. There is nothing I can do about the way windows reinstalls, the E-machines CD I have has two options
    1) Format and reinstall
    2) dont format and reinstall
    So it wipes everything it needs to reinstall. Many other programs have the same problem, the errors all seem to say that the program doesn't exist, which leads me to believe that it is looking for registry entries that were deleted, Does anyone know a way to trick windows into thinking i reinstalled the program? Because its on the harddrive but windows needs its piece of mind. Unless it's a dll problem, then im SOL unless i knew exactly what dlls the program upgraded and what version it upgraded to. Anyway, im sitting here helping myself to what i already knew, I should just start typing a response to my own question next time i have a problem.
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    A cat always lands on its feet;
    A cat with a buttered piece of bread strapped to its back hovers feet above the ground in a state of quantum indecision

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    Ok somthing that you might want to try, is since your running XP pro is using the remote desktop help, where you invite someone to your computer. They have the ability to upload and download files from your computer to theres, and theres to yours.
    (This feature maynot be in the warez version) But anyway the downside is you have to know someone you really trust and that also has XP pro, or have another computer that your willing to commit to windows. remote desktop help This might be a good solution.

    Hey man good luck. I have the same problems and it sucks when you only get two options that you don't want to do.

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