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Thread: visual basic 6

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    visual basic 6

    Does anybody know where i can download visual basic's 6????

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    VB 6

    Hello impractical ...

    Unfortunately, there is no "legal" place to download VB 6 for free, you must buy it.

    If your just wanting to experiment with VB 6 and not wanting to buy the full version, there is a free version called the "Creation Control Edition" which usually comes with the book "Sam's Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6". The downside is that this version will not compile your programs. But it is good enough for experimentation and learning.

    If you happen to be in college, you can probably get an education discount, which should save you some money. will have to pay the full retail price.

    If this was an attempt to find a warez site that has VB have come to the wrong place!! AO is not a Warez site
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