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Thread: I hate those @$#$@!!~@@ Skript Kiddies

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    Angry I hate those @$#$@!!~@@ Skript Kiddies

    I just wanted to say I hate those dumbass mother @!#@#!s
    I really do there lazy, nobrain, computer idiots. I wouldn't say I hate people who use usefull programs but for hacking, common now it's not even that difficult to do.

    I would like to see a contest for those idiots. How many downloads they can get within 5 Or give them a computer with no programs on it and tell them to hack. lol.


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    tell me about
    my sister uses icq often and was sent sub 7 by 4 different ppl i then had the fun of using netstat collectin their ips and waiting to show them how real ppl do it not using a program that they have know idea of the ideas and protocals behind it i think those who use sub 7 we should bring back mediavel punishments such as the rack i would love to see them suffer sorry if this is a bit heated but they did do a bit of damage to my computer and i had assesments tasks on my computer
    well thats enough by me

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    heh, yeah, yeah... fire fire fire ...

    script kiddies should just die, yeah.. die....

    oh, was I typing...

    script kiddies just need to get a clue, not die...

    heh, I LIE... they should die

    scan my network huh????

    ok. ok, I have taken my lithium now... am relaxed... yo script kiddies, um like, um,

    isnt this the online dating service,... Im confused


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    AO is full of registered kiddies who also post things like "don't ask lame questions, read books" etc. and at the same time they don'
    t know jack ****. Figuring things out sometimes can be done without reading anything but just by fiddling it out yourself.

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    true but

    yes that is true but the ppl im mad at are those who have nuthing better to ask than how do i deface this site i have a good reason inert other lame stuff after it
    and at the same time they don'
    t know jack ****
    but many pple do including ennis ,terr and many others please dont generalise like that

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    oh i see that we have here a relly hacker.I would know what you would do without any programs like gcc,g++,etc.

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    Most of the people who may say, go read books, or do a web search, really mean, figure it out yourself. Is it possible to get all the knowledge you need out of books? Absolutely not. But the apparent level of knowledge shown by those asking the "how do I hack hotmail" type questions is such that they dont even know enough to think about how to begin to find the answers they want. Books are a good way to get some general background info, and even specifics, just not the only way.

    But this is beside the point, if I know something about how to run exploitzzz and toollllzzz, or whatever, why the hell am I going to post about it on this site.... Im here to learn more about protecting my network, not help the punk ass bitch who wants to run some lame ass script kiddie bs app and try to replace my websites... Of course Im gonna tell the punk to go read a book, or do a web search...

    Besides, who doesnt know Jack ****???

    I know Jack ****, and I can point you to his history if you really wanna know about him...

    here is a clue for all of us who don't know Jack ****....

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