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Thread: screenshots in linux

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    screenshots in linux

    Does anyone out there know how to take screenshots in linux if it's possible? I'm running redhat with kde2.2 or gnome (whichever).
    Or is there a prog that could capture one?

    Any thoughts....


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    "xv" can take screenshots. So can Ksnapshot, KDE's screenshot utility. You may even have one or the other installed already; "which xv" or "which ksnapshot" to see. Read the man page for xv to find out how to use it; "man xv".
    Ksnapshot has reasonable online help included.

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    Yet another way to add to what jcdux has already mentioned.

    The GIMP (which you probably have installed) has a screenshooter function built in. Just open the GIMP and do a file --> aquire --> screenshot. Then save the screenshot you just took.

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