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Thread: How to get yahoomail in outlook express?!

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    How to get yahoomail in outlook express?!

    How do you get your Yahoo mail into Outlook Express? What are the details you need to put in to get it into Outlook Express? Also is there any definite way to get other webbased email (like Sify, Rediff, Excite,,etc) into Outlook Express? Please help? Thankx very much.

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    i know u canchaeck ur hotmail account in outlook express 5 but yahoo hmmm never tried id try looking through their help pages their could be some stuff in their
    ur using a hotmail account why do u need yahoo??

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    I don't think so. There isn't any predefined system allowing you to use web-mail systems with a 'real' mail managing program. The only reason it works with hotmail is probably because Microsoft SPECIALLY DESIGNED it to, not because it can work with any other webmail. I'm guessing you *can't* check non-hotmail web-mail accounts with Outlook.

    Besides, why are you using Outlook after all the bugs and worms in it? Jeez! Get Eudora or something, you can use it in a banner-ad mode if you want, I've found that the banner is very nicely placed and it doesn't interfere with work or take up too much space in an annoying place.
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    You can check Yahoo! Mail accounts with Outlook Express. They will give you POP access to your email, if you agree to receive advertisements from them in your account.

    Log into your Yahoo! account through the web. Click the options link. Under the Mail Management column select Free Mail Forwarding and POP Access. You can set-up your account for POP access there.

    It will tell you what you need to know about setting it up in Outlook Express, which servers to use, etc...

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