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Thread: SuSE 9 (first review)

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    SuSE 9 (first review)

    The first review is out for SuSE 9. I am getting pretty excited to buy it in two days when it ships. Check out it's rave review here.

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    Somebody better go calm Gore down so he doesn't die when he sees this.

    I think I'm definitely gonna get it. I have some spare boxes anyway that need to have something on them.

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    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks awesome!

    SUSE's new release of its Linux 9.0 Professional distribution doesn't just set the bar for other new Linux distributions to match; it redefines the playing field. For all classes of users, this package provides a number of interesting surprises. As in all new Linux distributions, SUSE Linux 9.0 Professional packs the latest releases of a large number of Open Source software applications.
    Just proving what we all already knew, SuSE is the best.

    The lion's share of the additions to YaST deal with networking and mobile computing. From a user interface perspective, a rather significant change has been made to Samba, which is now under the YaST umbrella for the first time. There are now Samba client and Samba server tabs in YaST that appear to be similar to the client and server tabs for NFS.
    Take that redhat

    Another major new networking feature in YaST, which is sure to please IT road warriors, is the added support for most of the common WinModem implementations. Inexpensive, brain-dead, Windows-only modems have long been a staple of laptop computers. Long a lock-in device for Windows and a bane for Linux, these modems can now be accessed and controlled with SUSE Linux. What's more, in good Open Source community tradition, scripts are provided within YaST to utilize a vast array of national and international Internet dialup services, which typically provide their subscribers with a login wizard that only works with Windows.
    Kick ass!

    In addition to all of the applications and system management software bundled with SUSE Linux 9.0, the package also features a long list of hardware drivers including high-end I/O devices such as Ultra320 SCSI and 2Gbit Fibre Channel host bus adaptors. In addition, the standard SUSE Linux 9.0 Professional distribution supports both 32-bit systems—Intel X86 and AMD Athlon—and 64-bit systems—AMD Athlon64, which is an implementation of Opteron for the desktop. As a result, SUSE Linux 9.0 Professional is equally at home when setting up high-end Xeon- and Opteron-based servers as it is when configuring a screaming Intel P4- or AMD Athlon64-based gamebox.
    Yay @ SuSE.

    SUSE Linux 9.0 is the first distribution to include drivers for the Adaptec Ultra320 SCSI series of controllers.
    The FIRST

    In line with CPU performance, SUSE Linux 9.0 exploited the Adaptec controller and Maxtor drives perfectly. The HP's I/O subsystem delivered a stream of I/O operations that peaked at about 2,400 IOPs per second.

    The expanded system management functions in YaST, extensive driver support, and kernel support for 64-bit AMD processors combine to make this new SUSE Linux 9.0 Professional distribution a must-have for developers and IT professionals. And if all of that leaves you unconvinced, the final release version of this distribution will also include a Linux 2.6 kernel for testing.

    Whoa. *Gets excited* Chey is right, I think someone should sedate me

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