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Thread: What is your OS?

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    Talking What is your OS?

    Here you can vote to find out which is the most popular OS. Your vote is valuable.

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    Sep 2001
    [gloworange]\"A hacker is someone who has a passion for technology, someone who is possessed by a desire to figure out how things work.\" [/gloworange]

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    Nov 2001
    I cannot answer the question as stated, because I 'have' (whatever you mean by that) more than 1 OS. I dual boot at home between Linux and Windows 98SE, and at Work I Use Win95, Win98SE, WinNT, Win2k, and Linux...
    Chris Shepherd
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    Oct 2001
    One that you left out.

    FreeBSD !

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    Sep 2001
    MS-DOS out of pure nostalgia.

    Linux is a big fave among computer types as Windows 2000 is to security types.
    Its been covered a lot.

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    because Windows 2000 is pretty damn secure.
    i thought you were leaving forever? Idle threats for sympathy.

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    how about adding UNIX to the list (someone already mentioned FreeBSD, but what about Solaris and the other proprietary unices, and NetBSD and OpenBSD).

    and... what about CP/M? it would be interesting to see if anyone here uses that actively.
    \"If you wish to speak to technical support, please hang up now.\"


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    Jul 2001
    At work:
    SCO Unix OpenServer 5.05Windows 98se
    Slakware 7 (on my laptop)

    At home:
    Mandrake 8.1
    MS-DOS 6.22 w/Windows 3.11
    PygmyLinux (run through the above DOS box)
    Red Hat 6
    and currently downloading Debian to try

    Happy Hacking
    Warfare is the Way of deception.
    -Sun Tzu \"The Art of War\"

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    I currently tri-boot Win98, Redhat 7.2 and BeOS, and I'm planning to add a fourth OS (deciding whether AtheOS or PetrOS)
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    Nov 2001
    I'm on WinME/Linux Mandrake 7.0.

    Soon I'll be building an ulimate Linux Box, upgrade Mandrake 7.0 to 8.1, and change WinME into Win2K.

    At school, I'm stuck with a MacOS 9.1 on a iMAC. Jebus, I hate the iMACs at school.
    Knowledge is Power.

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