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Thread: windows networking info needed

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    windows networking info needed

    where can i find out information regarding how windows98,windows NT and windows2000 share their files across a network..i would also like to know the working of how the authentications for machine access takes place..this is a big topic for an instant reply,i guess..if so please provide me with some cool links that will give me an insight in windows network workings..
    thank you very much for your time


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    The knowledgebase is always a good place to look, like here for example
    Another good thing to bear in mind is the request for comments, do a search on google for rfc - should help.
    Finally, why not have a peep at the source code for samba - you can find it here -

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    or try
    they have good resources on everything that's windows related.

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    1. - Everything about Microsoft Products and Programming.

    2. - Good Resource.
    Ah well...I\'m back on AntiOnline!

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