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Thread: That's pretty funny...

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    That's pretty funny...

    Have you ever heard of ?They are hackers or more (Crackers)specialized in cracking porn(or Adult)site to get their password so they could share them with all(they have over 40000 members)Great you will say.Finally will be able to watch porn for free.It's exactly what happen.Every 2 or 3 days one guy arrive with a list of 2000-3000 username/pasword combination(you can also ask for your own personal request) and it's free time.They also educated you how in 5 shorts steps you can started cracking sites and then share your hard work.How can this be.So easy,so official,everybody can see and learn how to steal from others.I got friends who are porn star and models and these actions of stealing password is a real nightmare also for the customer who see his membership deleted without notice.How can they stay in business (hackers sites)and the most hilarious(I was to forget the most funny fact)how can they use the same provider as this site here Antionline???O.K.,I'm not knowing enough about the Internet so I can't say they use the same provider(not even sure it's the good term)but for sure the graphics of their forum is exactly the very same thing you got here ,exactly the same.Have a look,it's just too funny.Seems the same company,on one side promote the Hackers,and on the other side,promote those here who want to defeat them.Real funny!

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    thank god for free pornographic site passwords or i would have to look at my girl

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    why would any1 risk getting busted for breaking into pornsites? it doesn't really seem to be that clever and breaking the law just to get some free porn that kinda make me think of SCRIPT KIDDIES!

    but i agree that it's quite amazin' that someting like that can be so public without getting sued or something. (it's probably because it's some international thing so no laws apply to it... what a joke!)
    \"Software is like sex: it\'s better when it\'s free.\" -Linus Torvalds

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    Its such a widespread crime I doubt the laws are going to bother dealing with this problem. Also with so much porn on the net perhaps it just shows how one problem leads to another.

    I could accuse myself of such things,
    that it were better my mother had not
    borne me: I am proud, revengeful,
    ambitious, with more offences at my beck
    than I have thoughts to put them in,
    imagination to give them shape, or time to
    act them in

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