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Thread: Playboy Web site hit by hacker

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    Cool Playboy Web site hit by hacker

    I thought that this article was interesting and humorus so i've decided to post it for shits and grins.

    Someone belonging to a group called “ingreslock 1524” and using the alias “martyn luther ping” e-mailed a letter to customers claiming responsibility for the crime and provided the customer’s name and credit card number as proof.

    The letter said the “shady hacker group” has had full access to the network since 1998.

    “We did have some very big plans to use the hundreds of thousands of customer details” to purchase products from numerous online companies, “thus resulting in over $10 million worth of fraud claims being made to credit card and, in turn, insurance companies globally,” the letter said.

    The e-mail also listed a number of warnings for online customers and companies, including “do not trust companies with your details online.”

    With that many cc numbers you'd never have to buy another playboy magazine again.


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    Ah the porn king is itself corrupted.

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