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Thread: X box VS Game Cube

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    Question X box VS Game Cube

    If you just analyze the numbers, the XBox seems to crush the Cube.

    It's got a 733-MHz processor, beating the Cube's 485-MHz chip. It has a bigger "memory bandwidth," which is supposed to make the system faster, and it can display more "polygons per second" (116.5 million vs. the Cube's 6 million to 12 million). The XBox also has a built-in 8-GB hard drive and an ethernet port that allows for a high-speed Internet connection, and -- if you purchase a $30 remote control -- you can also use the Box to play DVDs.

    But the numbers seem to lie. For one thing, in many of the games tested, there were few appreciable graphical differences between the systems. For all of XBox's numerical superiority, a few games loaded faster and looked better on the Cube.

    And another thing about graphics: Though both the Cube and the XBox offer amazing images, neither has anything truly unprecedented. The Playstation2, which was released last year, offers pictures just as pretty. And so did Sega's Dreamcast. ( now-discontinued)

    More about the article can be viewed here:

    With that in mind, what is your gameing console of choice and why?


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    I would have to say that my consol of choice would be either the venerable Atari 3600 or my good ol' NES.

    These offer great entertainment at an afforable cost. I also enjoy the superior graphics and numerous game titles to choose from.

    Long live the Nintendo!
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    "It's in the game."

    When I read your post, I'm remember Electronic Arts' moto: 'It's in the game.' I believe this to be very true. I believe that for the most part, it isn't the system, it's how well the games utilize the system's features........
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    Look at it this way: Playability and Replayability are why people buy games. If a game is REALLY replayable, it's well worth the purchase price.

    Look at the popular PC games that Blizzard has churned out: Warcraft II, StarCraft, etc.. They're all games with only half-decent graphics, but because they're replayable, tonnes of people bought them. Graphics don't come into play anywhere near as much as game play does.

    I personally haven't held an XBOX controller, but if I were going to choose between the Cube, the PS2 and the XBOX, the PS2 would definitely lose out for a very simple reason: comfort. I have big hands that cramp if I play on a playstation too long (too long being more than an hour), and the controller is the same between a playstation 2 and a playstation. I bought an N64 because it didn't cramp my hands, and had lots of great, playable games.

    Unless I experience otherwise with an XBOX, I'll probably be picking up a gamecube.
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    i miss my *sob* *choke*

    I miss my atari..............*break down bawling*

    anybody still got one?

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    I've got an N64, an NES, (no SNES, unfortunately) a standard GameBoy, and a GameBoy Color. As you can see, I'm a loyal Nintendo Fan. For my NES, I still have the original release (Gold Case) Zelda and Zelda II. I have the GBC Version of Zelda for GameBoy. I have Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Time for GameBoy. I have Zelda: Ocarina of Time for N64. (No Majora's Mask, yet). I also have all of the Pokemon games (Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal) released in the US, as well as Pokemon Stadium for N64. If I can afford it, I will be getting a GameCube within a year.

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    I have played both the X-Box and PlayStation 2, and as of now I am more impressed with the Playstation 2. It's game library is huge and I thought the games I played looked as good if not better than the XBox. However, I think after XBox has been out a year or so it's library will grow, and developers should start turning out some incredible games using all that power.

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    My first impression of the gamecube was that is was cheaply made. The controller that I tested at Best Buy felt like that I was gonna break it. After my roomate bought one and I played it for a while, it kinda grew on me. The controller, awkward at first, is very powerful. (Thats what people said about the n64 though.) The games are limitted, I've only played two, but the release line-up looks promissing (waiting for Melee!).

    On the other hand, I fell in love with the xbox the moment I picked up their behemoth of a controller. It fits my hands nicely, and the buttons are comfortable. I haven't got 'fireball motion burn' from the d-pad yet, it is smoothed and shaped for easy rocking. The titles out are REALLY good (DOA 3 and halo, need I say more?) and more are expected to be released soon. The sprinkles on the ice cream is that it just looks cool! I love the green and black, even though it is breaking my entertainment center with its massive bulk.

    If you have the money, go with the xbox (if you can find one), otherwise get a gamecube. Both are worth their price. Even if both are out of your price range, you could always get a gameboy advance, especially if you are an old-school gamer like myself. There are a lot of old rpgs for it, and even the original doom! Blood pixels here I come!

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