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Thread: Web Page Design?

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    Web Page Design?

    Hey well I finally found a good place to put up a site. I am having trouble with there online html editor and was wondering if anyone knows of any good ones that are free or places that will let you do it online. I have visual Page from Symantec which is ok but I'm having trouble with that.

    I think I have more respect for people who design webpages, or put them up on there own time. I never realized how much work it could be. lol

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    go to ...

    Go to
    and get htmlkit. It lets you write your pages without any "Visual" junk to clutter the page. It lets you create custom templates to speed the process up, but it lets you do it the "from scratch" way. Good luck.

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    Exclamation Start menu -> Run -> Notepad.exe

    I personally do lots of webpage work - mostly now using asp and xml/xsl stuff (so much easier handle and use information with xml and the xsl stylesheets). The only time I use a visual HTML editor is to do dumb stuff like delete a link from an entire site that I've created. Most programs leave a lot of wasted HTML lying around (especially Frontpage which SUCKS BALLS!).

    So, my advice is go to the W3 Consortium and check out their HTML Specifications then open up notepad...
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    You could always d/l a trial version of Macromedia Dreamweaver.

    It's a pretty good editor but it really bogs down my old a$$ 233 MHz computer,
    so I usually just use notepad or my latest endeavour of creating
    the entire site in Flash. Check out my site to see what I mean.
    It's a work in progress, but it's coming along nicely. I'm hoping it
    will land me a decent job one of these days...Lol

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    Or download Netscape for free and use their composer.

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    I guess much depends on what features you want and what you are used to earlier.

    I guess that Notepad is the editor I most often are using when editing or building web pages/sites.

    But I can recomend two other nice editors aswell, one simple editor and one wysiwyg editor, both are well worth checking out.

    Macromedia HomeSite 5.0
    Macromedia Dreamweaver

    Hope you finds what u are looking for.

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    You should listen to Micael, he has good advice :)

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    A great HTML editor is CuteHTML which come bundled with CuteFTP. You can download a 30 Day Trial @

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