Well of course we have all heard the notorius speech by the [MENTOR] titled the mentors last words.
I was just curious if anyone really knows anything about him. Like what he did or why he is so famous.
Pick up any book about hacking, and he is mentioned. He was if nothing else, a great writer, as his speech touches everyone of us who as ever aspired to be more that just another person caught in a daily rut with nothing more on our minds then whether we got the top draft for out professional football team, with atheletes not even from our area, and has taken to technology, to excel where others cannot.
But what happened to him? Did he get caught? Is he now forty five with three kids and an old 286 still working with win 3.1. That of course is a joke and maybe i just haven't been around long enough to know of his legend. But if you know would you please enlighten me.