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    Need Help

    Friend and I are part of our school tech department and we have a bet with the head tech that we could get access to the server and have the access to do anything but all we want to do is for the server to log that we where there and had access. Is this poosible and if it is how would we go about it?

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    Anything is posable

    Just have the admin. of the server install a intrusion dection program or something that keeps a log of log in attempts.


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    Re: Need Help

    Originally posted by coolroy05
    bet with the head tech that we could get access to the server and have the access to do anything
    If you can get access so that you can do anything... Is this NT? *nix? Just plop a few little 'We were here' text files in some sensitive directories, maybe change a logon-banner...

    I mean, if you are able to hold up your side of the bet, just MAKE the logs! :P
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    i see a how do i hack in disguise lol dude if your part of th tech department u should know what to do or how did you get that job .......?

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    I think you just planted sub 7 or some other backdoor.
    If your the tech dept. why are you asking us if we should be asking you?

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    Where's my BOFH (Simon, you're a true god) know...the 'The door's over there **ZAP**' one...

    Just because they work in tech support doesn't mean they have any clue. Just call MS or AOL or any other "tier 1" support line.
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    i don't think your in any bodys tech dept. you just want to hack a server....good try though
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