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Thread: laptop security

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    laptop security

    use zonealarm... it can be download FREELY from

    it's a nuisance program but atleast you'll know what programs are getting out and which ones are getting in...

    if you don't like that. there is a second option. remove SHARING capability on your Windows machine.

    this can be done by clicking START-SETTINGS-Control Panel- Network

    then look for sharing file and printer. remove that. and reboot your PC ...

    well... hope it helps..

    **hacked them if they hack you!!**

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    laptop security ??

    is this supposed to be posted else where??? could u please tell us whick post thank you

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    your point being?
    what does this have to do with laptop security?

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    nothing just feel like typing it..

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    Talking Laptop Security

    IMHO, if you own a laptop then no matter if you have 50 firewalls an IDS and take all the known security precautions in the world, then you are still vulnerable to at least one attack. Some one can verry easily walk right up behind you and snatch it the first time you turn your head.


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