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Thread: ISP's with free Websites?

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    ISP's with free Websites?

    Ok well I signed up for one of those free website deals and it really sucks. I need more space. I was looking at changing ISP's and wondering if anyone knows any good ones that let you create a homepage.

    This is just a temporary solution though I plan on having a server built for me and I want to put up a website with that, so I would need an ISp with a static ip not one that changes every time I sign on. That would be ideal.

    Let me know!

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    Angelfire gives you 50 megs. I used that until I put in my webserver. You don't have to switch ISPs to get a different hosting service.

    Also, there are workarounds if you can't get a static service for a web server. There are DNS services that you can get, and the such. I'll bet that Apache could be configured to listen to your ISP-assigned DNS name instead of an IP. I'll have to look into that. If that's true, this post will hopefully have made your life a lot easier. If not, I'm going to waste 10 minutes of my time trying it on my web server.

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    Wink here's some space,

    You can have my webapce space at my campus

    (i'm a sharing individual!!!)

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    Hey STFlook the only reason I haven't used angelfire is because everytime I go to design my page, I get some stupid internal server error. I've been trying for the last three days.

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    Have you tried I think they have about 20 MB free space.
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    Well I Need more space then 20mb. I got for 50mb last night and I still had problems. The main purpose that I want a website is to put up my programs, for people to use. Also I'm going to be taking another java class for school and I wanted to try some cool things and apply what I learned to a site.

    Anyway I am using AOL right now and that is why I wanted to switch ISP's and have a static IP address so In the future I could hook my own server up to it.

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    A pain, but you could.....

    You could load your files onto several of the free web services and put your actual HTML work on another. Then have all of the links for the downloads point to the files located at the other servers. This way you can have the 50mb from angelfire, the 20 from joshmo, the 30 from billybob, etc, etc. You could even separate it as to all of one type of file at one site, all of another type at another. I know this is cheating, but WHO CARES. It's your content. You can set it up any way you like. Just my brain rambling again. Good luck.

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    That's what I used to do... Tripod offer free web space in 20 MB pieces (unlimited space, allocated 20 MB at a time) as far as I know... Thats what I use now... and a forwarding address so that my website isn't


    [Yes I didn't even include my own web site address - I don't go in for advertising my website at every available opportunity, I'd rather give the link in a context if it's required... but here it is anyway ]
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    Web Server Space....

    Well I beat you all......
    I could if needed have 140 gigs of webspace on a T3
    minus the OS's on the 4 servers...
    Now do not drool.... My ISP is a real nice guy...

    Oops ...forgot my servers here at my shop on my
    DSL line (1.5 megs down and 512k up)
    another 50 gigs minus os's again....
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    hmm do what i do.. open another account in other web space providers like geocities. angelfire. tripod and link them

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