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Thread: LILO help ?

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    Question LILO help ?

    plz help me.....

    i installed linux(RH 7.1) on my system(on e: drive on linux partition with swap) with LILO so that i could boot into both win 98 & linux .after installing it my system has some trouble with booting.Now i wan't to get rid of LILO from my system.Also how can i convert linux native partition back to FAT32?

    Which is the best desktop on linux GNOME or KDE?

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    boot into dos and type fdisk /mbr to remove lilo.

    You can used fdisk to delete the linux partition(s) or something easier such as partition magic.


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    Lightbulb Boot-loader

    Just as extra info you might want a look at the following
    GRUB - the GNU boot loader
    Parted - the GNU patitioner

    As for KDE of GNOME, I prefer GNOME cos it's faster and prettyer. KDE is probably easier to start off with.

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