In another recent article from Wired news they stated that "'Twas Oracle That Spied on MS "
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The Follownig is an exempmt from the report.
''Twas Oracle That Spied on MS "
by Declan McCullagh

6:00 a.m. Jun. 28, 2000 PDT

WASHINGTON -- Those mysterious private eyes who allegedly bribed janitors for the trash thrown out by Microsoft allies turned out to be financed by the Redmond software giant's most bitter enemy.

That's right: It was Oracle Corp.

The detective firm, Investigative Group International, used questionable tactics to obtain potentially damaging documents from trade associations, conservative groups, and other organizations that are funded in part by Microsoft and have opposed the Justice Department's antitrust lawsuit.

Oracle admitted late Tuesday that it had hired IGI to expose links to the nonprofit groups.

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