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Thread: Bill Gates Gives Open Source a Boost

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    Post Bill Gates Gives Open Source a Boost

    To quote an article from,35655,FF.html

    "Microsoft's Windows XP -- and all its clunky restrictions -- might just send you running to more versatile programs like Linux."

    I know all of you linux users will enjoy this one, its a cut ouf of the article from,35655,FF.html

    "With the launch of Windows XP, Microsoft (MSFT) is trying to establish a firmer grasp on your computer than ever before. XP includes new licensing technology that can tie each installation of the software to a particular PC -- and thus give Microsoft the ability to keep tabs on who's really using it. XP also includes a function called Passport, which, if you opt to turn it on, makes Microsoft the keeper of your virtual wallet -- plus the virtual equivalents of your social security card, birth certificate, bank card PIN, and mother's maiden name.

    All of which explains why more and more corporations are weighing whether they really want to use restrictive, off-the-shelf programs like Windows XP or go with open-source software such as Linux instead. The trend toward open-source software isn't new, but XP may trigger a backlash among some IT managers and executives for a couple of reasons.

    First off, open-source software is much easier to customize, which makes it appealing to many companies. To get the best performance out of your Web servers, it may be necessary for your techies to make small adjustments to the operating system -- in effect "tuning" it for a particular function. With Windows you're limited to the performance controls that Microsoft has built in. With Linux, you can go into the heart of the code and rewrite it to do whatever you want."

    The full story and SOME problems with window's XP and the benifits of open source can be viewed here:,35655,FF.html

    Good Day,

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    Thanks so much for that post. I printed out the article for school (every friday for VB we bring in an article and talk about it). Maybe now I can half way convince the AOL lusers that "lie-nucks" (ugh) isnt the evil one. Good post!

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    good see see ur giving credit where it is due
    that whole activation thing so u cant put it on 2 machines in your house is gay and invasion of privacy we found the number for the activation in aus me and a few friends were thinking of dossing it hehe
    but enough from me

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    Angry Linux is not the evil one

    "...Maybe now I can half way convince the AOL lusers that "lie-nucks" (ugh) isnt the evil one. Good post!"

    May be you didn't read my post closely enouge. Linux is NOT the evil one.


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    XP's Security

    Here is a good question on XP ....

    If I purchased XP Pro and download the patch to keep M$ from
    looking over my shoulder, am I a Pirate ???

    PS There is a fix for XP's activation hassle ....
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    I see you.. lookin at me..
    I can tell by your eyes that you're feelin me..
    And I really want you to get close to me..
    So would you.. Dance with me .. Dance with me..

    hhehe sorry.. am juz listentin to music..

    so... StUF XP... its totally ghey.. if you want to use windows.. stick to Windows 2000

    XP has more bugs than the haunted house next door.

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    Post Re: question on XP

    I dont think that downloading a patch for M$'s XP Pro would make you a pirate... but if you did find a patch like that i would recomend downloading it. XP has more bugs than hehbris...
    Or how ever you spell his damn nick. Micro$oft has pluged security holes for it's OS as many times as hehbris's mom has been pluged by a stranger with a 5 dollar bill.


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    thats what i said!

    '"...Maybe now I can half way convince the AOL lusers that "lie-nucks" (ugh) isnt the evil one. Good post!"

    May be you didn't read my post closely enouge. Linux is NOT the evil one.


    Dude, that's what i said: ""lie-nucks" (ugh) isnt the evil one"

    And i was making fun of the aol users who pronounced it "lie-nucks" (my teacher included).

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