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    Exclamation Music CD Protection

    I heard that the Universal Music has made the first protected from copying it with the method Cactus Data Shield from a company called Midbar Tech. Does anyone have heard this too, because i'm not sure.

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    Lightbulb that would be the 50234 attempt to secure cd-audio

    That's realy funny..

    The musicindustry has been trying to protect the world from rippers since the whole thing started...
    Back when the DAT tapes came out (about 10 years ago??) they ware trying to protect cd's for that...
    With Mp3 and all there is no stopping pirate cd-rippers..
    Whatever they try the hackers are allwys one step ahead..

    I'd give any new system about two months tops ! !
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    Have the music companies tried to stop again the cd-rippers?

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