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Thread: setting up my net.

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    setting up my net.

    hello i have a quick question. I will be connecting my old computer to my new computer and will be taking out my modem card from my old computer. I will be having my new computer dialup and that will dialup on my old computer as well. I dont need a modem in my old computer to have 1 computer dialup for 2.

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    You mean, you're networking 2 computers, and having a modem create a dial-up internet connection on one, but want to access the net from the other?

    There are several ways of doing this, you could set up a proxy on the one with the net connection then connect to that from the other one, or you could set up Internet Connection Sharing if you use Windows... or there are many more options, including buying a third box to run Linux on and using it as a firewall/router.
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    Or you could download Sygate home network.
    That is if you don't have a lot of experience and want to set it up quick.

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