Hope u ppl like this:

You know it's time to reasses your realtionship with your computer when................

1) YOu wake up at 4'0 Clock in the morning to go to the bathroom and stop to check ur email on the way back to bed.

2) Your turn off youe computer and get an awful empty feeling as if you just pulled the plug on a loved one.

3)You decide to stay in college for an additional year or two, just for the free internet access.

4) You laugh at ppl with 28.8 modems.

5) You start using smileys :-) in your snail mail.

6) You find ur self typing com after every fullstop wjen using a word processor.com.

7) You cann't correspond with your mother 'cause she doesn't have a computer.

8) When your email box shows "no new msgs." and u feel really depressed.

9) You don't know the gender of ur three closest friends 'cause they have nonedescirpt screen name and u never botheresd to ask.

10) You move on into a new house and u decide to "Netscape" before u landscape.

11) Your family always knows where you are.

12) In real life conversation, u don't laugh u just say " LOL,LOL"

In Every Digital Circuit There Is An Analog Circuit Screaming To Come Out.