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Thread: A small game

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    Cool A small game

    i have made a small game but i don't know how to give it to you. Please help. i have written it in my language with english characters (greekenglish).

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    At the bottom of your screen when you are writing a post there is an option that says 'attach file.' Attach the game and we'll be able to dl it.

    What's the game about?
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    I tried to attach it but it is an .exe file. It is about Osama Bin Laden and about the attack to America.

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    Lightbulb hey

    why not just throw it into a zip file ?? just a thought~
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    So, you wrote a game did you.... its not called server.exe is it??

    What language did you write it in, and could you post the source code for it?
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    hahaha... he is so trying to trick people into downloading and running his trojan.
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